Why choose us?

Why you should use The Proofreading Agency

We’re language specialists

We know our ‘allusions’ from our ‘illusions’, exactly when to use a semi-colon and the difference between ‘historical’ and ‘historic’.

We’ll take a fresh look at your work

By the time you’ve worked long and hard on producing exactly the document you want, you’ll be over-familiar with its contents. When you know the ideas that you wanted to communicate inside out, it can be hard to spot any slip-ups or points where what you’ve written isn’t exactly what you meant. We’ll review your work from a reader’s perspective – with a fresh, unbiased pair of eyes.

You’ll find the prices affordable and easy to calculate

The prices are all based on word count and there are just three price bands, so you can easily estimate how much it will cost you to get your document proofread or copy-edited. Send us your document and we’ll quickly confirm which price band your writing falls into, depending on how easy it will be to work on.

Take the hassle out of editing, without giving up control

Feel uncomfortable about handing over your precious work to someone else to make changes? Don’t worry, you can review all of the changes we make using the ‘Track Changes’ feature in Word. This allows you to approve or reject any of the changes yourself, keeping you fully in control of how your text is edited.

Reviewing the changes also gives you feedback on your work by highlighting grammar and spelling issues that you may not have been aware of previously. Having this information for future reference can even help to make you a better writer.

Ok, but why should I pay for proofreading when I have access to a spellchecker?

An electronic spelling and grammar check is no substitute for review by an intelligent language specialist. Our proofreaders and editors are expert communicators who not only have an excellent knowledge of English spelling and grammar, but – as human beings – can recognise every type of error. Whereas a computer checks blindly, ignoring the fact that you wrote ‘form’ instead of ‘from’ and ‘affect’ where you meant ‘effect’, these are exactly the kind of mistakes that proofreaders are trained to pick up on.

If you’ve used non-standard language for any reason – poetic licence, transliterations, unusual punctuation – our proofreaders will understand why and will be able tell the difference between deliberate language choices and unwanted errors.