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Got to dash? Hyphens, en dashes and em dashes

These little lines cause more than a little confusion. Here’s a quick-fire introduction to how to use them. Hyphens Let’s start with hyphens, as they’re the easiest (at least in theory!). Hyphens are used exclusively to join parts of words,

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The En Rule

A previous post on this blog covered when to use a hyphen (-) and when to use a en dash (–). Under ‘En Dash’, point 2 stated that an en dash is used to show relationships and connections between two words.

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Punctuation II : Hyphen v En Dash

Now let’s take a look at the distinction between a hyphen and an en dash. Hyphens (-) and en dashes (–) cannot be used interchangeably. The Hyphen (-) 1. The hyphen is used for linking compound words (e.g. avoid the

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