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‘I before E except after C’ – techniques for remembering tricky spellings

It may have the olde-worlde ring of a quaint but questionable proverb, and has indeed been much maligned in recent years, but there’s more truth to this well-known rule than initially meets the eye (or E). Here, we take a

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10 Common Errors Writers Make

Every writer makes the occasional absent-minded spelling mistake or typo – that’s what proofreaders are here for, after all! But any proofreader will tell you that it’s not these little blips that take up the most of their time. The

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Ten Tips for Proofreading

1. Try to proofread when you are fresh (it takes an awful lot of concentration to do it properly) and take breaks to improve your concentration. Aim to stop and relax for at least five minutes every hour. 2. Look

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