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e.g., etc.

We often see a combination of e.g. and etc. in texts, as in the following example: A compound sentence is one or more simple sentences joined by a connective, e.g. and, but, then, etc. This is technically incorrect… ‘e.g.’ comes

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10 Common Errors Writers Make

Every writer makes the occasional absent-minded spelling mistake or typo – that’s what proofreaders are here for, after all! But any proofreader will tell you that it’s not these little blips that take up the most of their time. The

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English Spelling III

Proofreaders and copy-editors have a reputation for being pretty proficient spellers – it’s an essential skill for the role. However, due to the enormity of the English lexicon, which according to contains at the very least a quarter of a million words,

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